This article discusses the importance of ensuring that the printers in one’s workplace is well-maintained to ensure their longevity. Additionally, it also mentions some of the common printer issues that users often face, especially with hybrid printers.

Using printers to create hard copies of information, data and important communication have survived even when the entire world believes in ‘soft copies’. Additionally, to maintain record of communications or to sign important contracts, print outs of details, such as minutes of meetings or legal submissions are mandatory. Thus, printers are a common hardware peripheral available in both offices and residences.


However, technicians of AUS Printer Support mention that the maximum of the calls received by HP support number Australia are a result of a carelessly maintained printers. Normally, printers, especially the hybrid printers manufactured and retailed by Hewlett-Packard, are robust machines. Yet they need to be handled efficiently so that the machines do not malfunction. Say for instance printouts or the papers get jammed into the rollers of a printer, then one should be careful while detaching the papers. If the paper is yanked out, then the printer head might break. This will result in a major expenses, as printer heads cannot be repaired and these will have to be replaced immediately, otherwise the printer will not function. Thus, all AUS Printer Support technicians opine that it is essential to handle the printers with care so as to increase the longevity of the machines.

Other than that most of the calls received by HP support contact number deal with the following printer issues:

  • Ink cartridge is empty: If the system send a message which mentions that the ink cartridge is empty and needs to be replaced, then check the condition of the cartridge. Sometimes due to accumulation of debris on the cartridge head the printer sends such messages. Such problems can be easily solved by cleaning the cartridge head.
  • Printer is slow: In case of wireless printers this is a common problem. However, it can be easily resolved by re-establishing wireless contact with the printer and checking the intranet connection.
  • Printouts are unclear: This happens if there is not sufficient ink in the printer or the colour adjustment has not been done properly on the system. Check the print preview of the document before giving the print command and ensure that there is ink in the printer cartridge.

Thus, with proper handling and simple troubleshooting activities a printer’s longevity can be increased significantly.

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