This article discusses some of usual printer issues that end users face. It also elaborates on why these problems occur and subsequently, how these issues can be resolved.All organizations use printers to keep record of documents, discussions, legal papers and other such things, for future use. Even if these details are available as soft copies, the importance of hard copies cannot be undermined. Similarly, for individuals printing of information, images or any other details makes it essential for the person concerned to invest in an easy to use and utilitarian printers. You can get help and support by HP support contact number(toll free).


HP support contact number

HP support contact number


According to HP customer service technicians as companies strive to make improved versions of printers, the end users also needs to be well aware of the handling and maintenance of these equipment. Sometimes improper handling of the printers result in the equipment malfunctioning much to the frustration of the end user. Sometimes the calls received on the HP Support are regarding common printer issue, which can be resolved by the end user himself or herself. Based on the analysis of the complaints made by the end users, some of the commonest printer problems are as follows:

  • Printer command being sent to a wrong equipment: This is one of the commonest problems faced by organizations. Normally, companies have more than one printers installed in the systems being used. IT is essential to ensure that the correct default printer has been selected, before giving a print command. Otherwise the print command will be received by a wrong printer.
  • Print unclear: Sometimes there appears horizontal lines on the print outs or the print itself is unclear. This may not be an issue with the printer. Check if the print resolution has been done correctly on the system, before giving the print command. Additionally, the command should also be given to the particular printer, which has the capacity to produce print outs of the particular resolution.
  • Print tray empty: This may happen if the printer does not have sufficient number of papers in the tray. Other than that, this message may be delivered by a printer, if the paper is not of the size specific to the printer. Ensure that the paper size is neither smaller not bigger than the printer specification, otherwise it can even lead to paper getting jammed in the printer roller.

Thus, handling printer issues is not difficult as simple troubleshooting techniques can easily resolve all of these problems.

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