This article discusses some of the common problems that people using HP printers face. Additionally, it also mentions some of the common  HP Printer troubleshooting methodologies that can be implemented to overcome printer issues.
Be it in one’s workplace or at home, people often face issues with their printers. Although a printer is one of the peripheral hardware of a computer, yet it is almost indispensable to the user. In spite of everything being carried out ‘online’, the requirement of maintaining hard copies of important documents is still absolutely essential.

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According to AUS printer support technicians, most of the HP printer issues those clients mention can be resolved by some simple troubleshooting techniques. However, most users are unaware of the common as well as minor issues that occur with HP Printers. The HP support team mentions that most users can resolve printer issues by following some simple tips some of which are as follows:
• Printer is offline: This occurs if the printer has not been configured properly on the system. In such a scenario check for the printer connectivity and reinstall the printer software. After that choose a particular printer as the default and check if the installation of the particular printer has been done properly.
• Paper getting jammed: All printers have specifications with regard to the type of paper that can be used in a printer. If one uses a wrong sized paper, then there are chances that it will get jammed in the printer. In such a scenario it is important to slowly ease out the jammed paper and not yank it, otherwise it can damage the printer head.
• Check the printer head for debris: It is essential to keep the rollers and the printer heads free of any debris. This is applicable even for the heads of the colour cartridges. This may lead to prints that are spotty, blotchy or with horizontal lines. In such a scenario check the printer heads, clean them and then start using the printer again. Other than that, the rollers should also be well maintained for perfect printing.

According to the HP customer Service Support most of the calls received by the technicians are regarding the Inkjet printers not working at par. In such a case the follow the instructions provided by the technicians. The instructions will help resolve the printer issues and one can go back to printing using the HP hybrid printers or the normal printers.

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