Printers come in handy today as well when everything has become digital. Schools and colleges still insist on having presentations and thesis in the printed form rather than online soft copy and this way is better than any other because everything is in written. So, if you own a HP printer and suddenly see problems which were not there earlier, the first thing you will have to do is recognize the problem. You can get help and support by HP printer support team on toll free number but before it try to follow the steps and guide given on this page.

hp printer support

Everyone today owns a mobile or tablet and many people do their printing directly out of these devices rather than taking the pain of transferring everything on the computer first. If you have a printer that is old or does not wifi, there might be some problem in doing this. But it is possible and with the installation of a simple app on your phone or tablet, you can get all the printing done.

  • For printing on a non-wifi printer, you will need a wireless access point on the network. This will be possible when you install a utility app on a networked computer.
  • The famous apps which should be installed on your networked computer are Presto and Printopia. Printopia works smoothly with the Macs and Presto works with both Macs and Windows machines.
  • These apps allow you to print without the need of wifi functionality on the printer. Another way to print on devices that don’t have wifi is the Wifi direct which allows you to connect two compatible devices without a wireless access point.
  • If you still have problem getting your projects on paper on your old printer, then HP printer support number is available throughout the day for people who own HP printers.

Instead of beating yourself with the mundane problems of your printers, it is better to get it sorted with the right expertise from professionals. HP is renowned all over the world and the HP technical help, Australia has been providing its citizens include answers to all problems. If there is an issue with the hardware, then the company will get that resolved as well if they are not able to help you solve it on your own. When you have amazing services from the company, you won’t face any pertinent problem and will be able to solve it within minutes.

Many HP printers also allow printing through email and this is another reason to rejoice if you are not able to access everything online.

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