HP Customer Care Number: 1-800-958-238 Toll Free

Users use printer to reduce the time and make soft document to hard document.Sometimes printer doesn’t work properly and the issue is so difficult that it can’t solved by normal user. In that case, HP customer care is responsible to help and support the people from those obstacles.

HP customer care

They help the people from with high end services. So that,their work can go smoothly .Technicians are very efficient and deliver the solution within deadline. So if the users have connectivity issue or paper jamming issue or ink related issue then they can ask help freely.

When to contact customer care?

  • If printer is not working properly
  • Printing is too slow
  • Printing quality is not good
  • Blank paper coming out with every printing document.
  • Unable to print through mobile device
  • Cartridge is not working
  • Printing cost is expensive
  • Paper jam problem
  • Horizontal lines coming with printing document
  • Wireless printer is also slow

What customer care team does?

HP customer care team before taking any action they suggest to check out some things like – users have or rather the printer have paper, power and connection. A printer must have Sufficient paper, it has power and if it is connected with wireless device then there is proper connection or not. They give suggestion to keep the papers in proper way in the tray. So that paper ham problem can be avoided.They give suggestions which are like these-

  • Sorting out slow printing problem

Hp customer care team suggests the users to print from webpages without graphics.It will help to increase the speed of printing. The speed will increase more if the users add some more RAM to their computer.

  • Providing high quality printing

Users can get high quality printing if they use genuine ink, high quality paper. For the infrequent printer users-this problem is quite common as due to not using frequently,the ink become dried out. Users can learn from the HP customer care team how to get high end printing.

  • Sorting out “blank paper” problem

Users need to check if the ink is available or not. If the printer has been run out of ink then users can get blank paper notification. Apart from that, when users are about to use a new cartridge they forgot to remove the plastic cover fully. Sometimes users need to clean out the printer heads. They can’t do it by themselves. They need some professional guidance.

Yes HP customer service team will ask this question firstly when users are slow printing. If there are too much distance between the printer and the wi fi router.

This is completely 24*7 hours services which is available in very reasonable price. Users don’t need to think too much about the quality of the service.